Who we are

Toronto’s premier samba reggae band and more!

TDot Batu is a tightly knit Afro–Brazilian samba reggae percussion ensemble or “batucada” inspired by the power and dedicated to the study of the rich rhythmic tradition borne out of the fusion of samba and reggae.

We study under the guidance of Mestre Patricio ‘Pato’ Irie who honed his skills and developed his musical stylings while living in and playing in the birthplace of samba reggae–Salvador, Bahia. In 1997 Pato moved to Chile, where he shared his knowledge of samba reggae for more than 10 years.

As integral part of the Toronto Tropical music scene we engage with diverse members of the arts and music community to create spectacular participatory celebrations that reflect the vast color and energy of Brazilian culture.

What we play

Authentic Bahian-style samba reggae

TDot Batu plays the core instruments of the samba reggae band including repiniques, surdos, timbaus, caixas and chocalhos and can operate as a trim 6-8 piece unit or swell to full majesty and power with over 20 members. This variety of instrumentation creates a powerful tapestry of distinctive timbres and interlocking polyrhythms that can provide the spark of energy to any event.

Musically, we take our cues from the original African samba reggae blocos of Northeastern Brazil including Olodum and Timbalada and play a host of rhythmic conventions that capture the varied atmospheres of Carnaval in Bahia. In addition to the wide variety of syncopated rhythms we play, each rhythm possesses a series of coordinated ‘breaks’ that give this energetic variation of samba its ferocity and appeal.

Header photo by: Masayuki Tada