When and why did you start drumming?
Actually, I don’t know when all of this started. I come from the same city where all the beats that we play were created, so, at that time, it was hard for a kid to hear those rhythms and not feel passionate about them. That happened to me, I used to drum on tables, doors, walls, or any kind of flat surface that I could get sounds from. It was enough for me to pretend to be an Olodum drummer. Crazy!!! My mom’s ears hated everything hahaha, since then I haven’t stopped. Now, I feel that everything came true! I love this!!

Do you sing or play other instruments?
I know a bit of guitar, brazilian banjo and percussion in general.
Sing??? maybe I can.

What’s your favourite memory of drumming?
2014 Brazil’s World Cup game, playing Samba/Pagode. It was dope!!!!

What inspired you to join TDot Batu?
The feeling of being home!!!

What advice would you give to beginners?
The key is practicing!

What are you listening to lately?
SOJA, Natiruts, Edson Gomes, Bob Marley, Olodum, Timbalada, Samba

What’s your favorite place in the TDot?
Wherever I have fun!