When and why did you start drumming?
I started drumming in 2006 with Maracatu MarAberto, I was and continue to be moved by Brazilian music.

Do you sing or play other instruments?
No, not yet but I secretly want to learn how to play the accordion, cavaquinho, congas, timbales and trumpet. I hope to get to get to them by the time I turn 100.

What’s your favourite memory of drumming?
Playing at Kensington Markets’ Pedestrain Sunday. The crowd and band where dancing when I shared a moment of joy with my <3 Pato Irie.

What inspired you to join TDot Batu?
Seeing them play at Kensington Market! I was hooked. Love the party mood the music puts me in.

What advice would you give to beginners?
Practice, practice, practice and keep your eyes glued to the director of the band.

What are you listening to lately?
Lately I got songza tunned to oldies from the 50s and reggae.

What’s your favorite place in the Tdot?
The city view from Broadview Ave. @ Riverdale Park East. So lovely at all seasons!