When and why did you start drumming?
In a Toronto drum-corps in 1975. I marched for 5 years until 1979. The next year I got my first drum set and later started playing with some prog rock bands.

Do you sing or play other instruments?

No, singing is not my strength! Lol I pretty much only play percussion instruments like caixa, djembe, and drum set.

What’s your favourite memory of drumming?
1981 -Winning the under 21 age Canadian Championship for solo rudimental Bass drumming. 2008- Going with Escola de Samba Toronto to perform in São Paulo Brazil during Carnaval.

What inspired you to join Tdot Batu?
Pato posted on Facebook looking for a couple of caixa players. I checked it out, loved the cool grooves, and the friendly people that are part of this group! I am happy to be a part of this group😊👍

What advice would you give to beginners?
Listen to as many different styles of music that you can to open your ears and mind to many sounds when learning to drum. ….and be sure to have fun!

What are you listening to lately?
The sounds of nature as I’m doing landscape work in my backyard.😊

What’s your favorite place in the Tdot?
Well, as the caixa’s are smartly positioned for balance in the second line, I enjoy standing where I am currently positioned, which is on the far right hand side.